Secret Inspiration

If you’ve been following my Instagram challenge #100daysofhandmadejewellery, you may have noticed my Morse Code necklace.

Secret message jewellery is very popular right now and the QuiddityGifts’ line of morse code necklaces is right on trend.

So, where did the inspiration for this come from?  The ’80s, of course!

All kids obsess about keeping secrets from their parents and I was no exception.  From the mandatory pink diary (with scented pages…if I remember correctly) to the totally cool Toshiba ‘My Magic Diary’, where you spent ages inputting friends numbers with their caricature, I loved writing down my secrets.  Then came the ‘code’ used to pass notes in class…which just meant it took forever to work out what people were saying to you.  Not so secret however, as I think everyone in class used the same cipher!  But it wasn’t until the War Museum was built in Ottawa, Canada that I realised how pretty code could look…Morse Code to be exact.


After experimenting with different designs, I settled on silver-plated beads with Swarovski or gemstone accents.  Some people wonder why I don’t use sterling silver.  Simple…QuiddityGifts offers a range of affordable jewellery for everyday wear and silver-plated findings help keep costs down.  This doesn’t mean I skimp on quality…beads and chains come from UK suppliers.

The best part about it is that they are completely customisable.  Choose your message (word, date, name, etc.) and choose your beads (Swarovski crystals, imitation pearls, semi-precious gemstones).  What would your perfect combination be?

A personalised Morse Code necklace from QuiddityGifts makes the perfect gift.

Click here to visit my shop and buy your own custom Morse Code necklace today!


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