Hats off to the Grads!

Well, it’s that time of the year again – from adorable pre-schoolers to nervous high-schoolers to exhausted academics, students are getting ready to celebrate in style!

This week’s TuesdayTreasury is all about some gorgeous gifts for graduates.  A card is a must…but will you choose hand-drawn, hand-painted, hand-cut, or hand-stitched?  A personalised frame is the perfect way to display memories of the day.  And you can’t go wrong with a mug…to remind them of all the coffee-fueled all-nighters they pulled while studying for finals!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 09.00.25

If it’s jewellery you’re after, how about a Morse Code necklace?  Choose your beads…their favourite colour, or how about their school colours?  Order your custom colours here.

Congrats graduate box

Morse Code necklace with bright pink Swarovski imitation pearls: the perfect graduation gift

Do you remember your graduation?  What did you do to celebrate? Burn your books on a bonfire? Quiet dinner with family? Massive party?


Quote of unknown origin, perhaps from Einstein

Memory is a funny thing.  I remember all the classes I skipped, the friends I had, the arguments with the friends I had!, teachers I liked…and the ones I didn’t.  But do I actually remember any of my lessons?  Nope!  If you gave me one of my old science tests from high-school or an essay question from university, I’d be stumped.  Looking back on my years as a teacher, I hope my students don’t feel the same way about my lessons!

These Memory Elephant earrings make a lovely gift for graduates, classmates, and friends.

“Elephants never forget
so wear these earrings
and remember
all the stuff you’ve learnt!”





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