Birthstone jewellery makes a lovely personalised gift…but, what exactly are birthstones, and how did they come about?

One of the many myths is that the origin of birthstones dates back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  These later went on to represent the 12 months of the year.

7c6a4e5205981d00b15140272a322709In ancient times, it was believed that people portrayed different characteristics depending on when they were born – the month and even sometimes the day.   Click here for LadyLifeHacks’ blog post about personality differences for each month.

It wasn’t just personality that was affected by when you were born.  Apparently, astrologers used to be consulted for medical matters, as it was acknowledged that the month of your birth corresponded to certain medical ailments.  Hmmm…you may laugh, but this theory is regaining popularity. Here’s an article about it from Time magazine.

Well, those who study crystals believe they possess certain healing qualities which were matched up to aid the personality and medical issues for specific months.  This led to the stones being made into jewellery so that the wearer could benefit from them throughout the day.

But not all birthstones have remained the same.  Some jewellers follow the Eastern stones, and some the western.  There are even charts that show Ancient, Traditional, and Modern options.  Plus, some months get a few stones to choose from.  It all gets very confusing!


Here’s an example of some of the different stones used for June’s birthstone jewellery:

As a jewellery designer I strive to create stylish pieces that are wearable and affordable.  Yes, I do use a lot of semi-precious gemstones, but I also use substitutes, such as Swarovski crystals and imitation pearls. Visit my shop for examples 🙂

Check out my Pinterest board for more info on the birthstones for each month.




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