Virgo – it’s birthday time!

Virgo are…  inquisitive & intuitive

analytical & practical

reflective & thoughtful

very opinionated, and

they love handmade jewellery!

The other day I received a custom order request (which I love getting!) for a Virgo zodiac necklace.  I was totally confused, until I realised it was already the end of August!  Where has the summer gone?

So, here’s the birthday pressie made for a lucky Virgo: IMG_4986

You may be wondering why it’s green.  Well, the 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into four elements (Earth, Air, Wind, Fire) with Virgos being Earth signs, and what’s more Earthy than a natural green colour?  Order yours here

QuiddityGifts (1)

I’m also working on one with lovely bright blue cracked glass beads, which are a perfect substitute for Sapphires, the birthstone for lucky girls born in September.  I love the way the light catches the glass, making the beads shine.  What do you think?

A) glass beads 4mm

Each zodiac sign has a few birthstones to choose from, with their healing properties being quite diverse.  They are all recognised as being helpful for your star sign and a number of crystals may be birthstones for more than one sign.

Curious?  Follow me on instagram for more info on crystals for Virgos.




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