For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember my post about decorating the QuiddityGifts’ bicycle to help advertise the Tour of Britain cycle race.  If not, here’s another before and after pic:

This was a great initiative by A Vision For Crewe to help raise community spirit and give all the cyclists a warm welcome to Crewe.  They provided the bikes and lots of local businesses and organisations worked hard to decorate them:

The Mayor of Crewe was presented with her own bike, decorated with the crest and a great big tassel (as any Etsy shopper knows…tassels are very popular right now!)

QuiddityGifts (that’s me!) was in the local paper with some of the other representatives:

And my bicycle was looking pretty snazzy….if I do say so myself, right next to the one decorated my my lovely colleagues at Etsy South Cheshire

I Tour of Britain

So, after all that…how did Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain go?

Well, as I write this…it’s still going on!  But from what I saw this morning, I can definitely say it was going ‘quickly’!  There were loads of people lining the streets and cheering on the cyclists and they all whooshed by in the blink of an eye.


Good luck to all of them!




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