How to take care of your Handmade Jewellery

One of my favourite pieces of jewellery is the first Morse Code necklace I ever made.  It spells out ‘Quiddity’ in silver-plated ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’ – super geeky but totally cool! And it has purple Swarovski imitation pearls…my favourite colour 🙂


Now you’re probably wondering why I’m showing you a ratty old necklace, instead of one of my pretty sparkly ones.  Well, it’s like those ads on TV warning you to go to the dentist or your teeth will fall out.  Ok, maybe not so dramatic…but it’s definitely up there!

How did my necklace get so discoloured?

Simple…I just ignored every little bit of advice I give to my customers!  screenshot2016-09-07at11.47.50.png

Quiddity Gifts handmade jewellery comes with a care sheet with all the ‘dos & don’ts’ of taking care of jewellery:

What did I do?

  • sprayed it with perfume
  • wore it in the shower
  • wore it to the gym
  • slept in it
  • left it on the dashboard

Basically, all the things that are on my list!




But, you can just polish it again….right?

Wrong! Once the layer of silver plating has worn off, no amount of polishing will help.  Actually, polishing your silver-plated jewellery vigorously will encourage the plating to come off even faster.

So, why aren’t Quiddity Gift’s necklaces made of sterling silver?

Morse Code necklaces made from sterling silver start at around £70.  I’m always happy to do custom orders in silver, but my standard range of Morse Code necklaces offer the same fabulous style for a fraction of the cost, as I believe gorgeous jewellery should be affordable.

Here’s another necklace that my mum’s worn and worn but she’s looked after it, so it’s still nice and shiny:


The moral of the story is ‘always take care of your jewellery‘.





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