Ecofriendly Upcycled Jewellery

Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve all got that one person who’s just a nightmare to shop for.  This year, I’m challenged by my 9 year-old god-daughter who’s suddenly decided she’s a vegan hippy!  Gone are the days of Barbie dolls and iTunes gift cards.

She has inspired my whole new range of eco-friendly up cycled jewellery:


Ecofriendly upcycled jewellery handmade by @QuiddityGifts

What is up cycling?

It’s basically taking something old and turning it into something new.

So, is it the same as recycling?

Not at all.  Recycling takes a used item and breaks down the base material so it can be used again.  Recycled paper is a great example.  It’s still paper but not quite the same standard of quality.  Not all items can be recycled, which is why so many landfills are overflowing.

Upcycling gives an old item a new lease on life by turning it into something different.  For example, we’re not just talking about refinishing a piece of furniture with decoupage or some chalk paint, but using a bit of creativity to turn it into a completely new item.  Think bathtub turned into a sofa, or computer into an aquarium!


Warning: Searching for DIY upcycling ideas on Pinterest may result in a loss of many hours…and ultimately a new addiction! Check out my board to help you get started.

Why bother?

Landfills are overflowing around the world and who doesn’t love doing something to tackle the issue of global warming?  It’s a fact that not all items can be recycled, and the process of recycling also requires energy.  Upcycling is a great alternative – with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can turn trash into treasure.

How can I fit upcycled items into my stylish lifestyle?

Upcycling was a thrifty way of life, born out of necessity during war and periods of recession, but now it’s bang on trend.  If you’re tackling the projects yourself, the only limits are your imagination.  Why not see if there’s a class of workshop at your local community centre to get you started?

The other option, is to support local artisans by popping to your local craft fair for a fun day out, or relaxing on the sofa with some Etsy shopping – my favourite weekend activity!  Here’s a selection of upcycled items available on


Check out my new range of upcycled jewellery here!





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