New Zodiac Sign Found by NASA!

Since today is unofficially Trivia Day, I thought I’d share a fun fact about zodiac signs – they’ve changed!

“What do you mean?”

Well, say you were born today, January 4th…you’re a Capricorn, right?  An ambitious, organised, practical Goat.

Wrong! Not you’re a Sagittarius – vibrant, inquisitive and exciting.

“Wait…what? Who decided this?”

Star signs were created based on their positions over 2,000 years ago and, since then, they’ve changed.  NASA even announced the discovery of a new zodiac sign.  If you’re born between Nov 29 – Dec 17 you are an “Ophiuchus”!  Click here to learn more about the 13th sign.

“So, is my whole life a lie?!”

There are two zodiac charts to follow: the Western one called “Tropical” zodiacs that follow the sun’s rays and hasn’t changed, and the “Sidereal” zodiac used by Vedic astrologers which has changed quite a bit.

Take a look at the chart and see if your sign has changed:


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