squirrel-dayI know it’s only been a day since my last blog post, but the postman just brought me a bag of the cutest squirrel charms…and then (after getting distracted on Instagram…literally it was a “ooh, look…squirrel!” moment) I found out it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!!

You may wonder why we should appreciate squirrels.  Well, first of all the traditional red squirrel is just so darn cute!  But, more importantly, squirrels lose about 75% of all the nuts they bury…which helps to rejuvenate forests.  Now that’s surely a good reason to appreciate them!

So, how do you celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day?  I decided to sit down with a cuppa and browse all the lovely handmade items for sale on my favourite shopping site…Etsy!  And to save you time, I’ve picked out some of my favourite squirrel themed items:


Hand painted squirrel jute bag by louisemoneyoriginals

Tweed squirrel makeup bag by GrumbleBumsCrafts

Needle felting kit to make your very own adorable red squirrel by HawthornHandmade

Cute squirrel stud earrings by one of my favourite designers MicaPeet  (she’s got matching brooches too!)

Valentine’s Day card for the squirrel lover in your life by PuddlePaints

Personalised wedding gift by RebeccaChristianShop

Woodland themed print designed by a local Cheshire crafter SnowdonPrints

Nifty reversible girl’s dress by NosyRosieCrafts


Now that I’ve got these gorgeous squirrel charms, I’ll be designing some lovely woodland-themed jewellery, so don’t forget to pop over to my Etsy Shop www.QuiddityGifts.etsy.com or my own website www.QuiddityGifts.com to take a peek at what’s available!

If you’ve found your favourite squirrel make available on Etsy, pop it in the comments below:


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