2017: Year of the Fire Rooster


According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is the year of the Rooster

Check the chart below to see if you’re a rooster too:


Characteristics of Roosters:

Motivated, ambitious, hardworking, responsible, trustworthy, focused, decisive.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’m all about motivating people to fulfil their goals and achieve success. It’s even inspired my collection of motivational “Turn Over a New Leaf” jewellery which helped me stick to my resolutions last year, and this year too…so far!

So, although I’m not a Rooster, I think I’d get on really well with them – if you’re a rooster and want to say “hi”, I’m @QuiddityGifts on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest


Elemental Signs

There aren’t just 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, as each one can be divided into different elements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal.


Each elemental Rooster displays different characteristics:


More Info

Click here to find out more about the Chinese Zodiac and the Rooster.
The site is full of interesting facts.  Apparently, Roosters should stay away from the colours white & green… guess they won’t be enjoying Pantone’s colour of the year in 2017 – Greenery! 

Celebrate Chinese New Year

If you’re out and about in a big city this weekend, why not visit the local China Town – there’s sure to be a great celebration for Chinese New Year.

London has the largest celebration outside China with a parade and free events and activities in Chinatown and Trafalgar Square.  This year’s celebrations will take place on Sunday January 29th, from 10am to 6pm.

Gift Ideas

It’s common to give gifts of money for Chinese New Year, but I love the handmade touch so for any gift-giving occasion I turn to Etsy.  Here are some of my favourite rooster-themed makes from talented UK artisans:

All items are available for sale on Etsy:

Year of the Rooster package by TailTaleStore

Rooster button art by BijouxButtonsLtd

Fine art giclee print from original watercolour by dylshouse

Mosaic coaster by LAMosaicGifts

Rooster decoration by LittleStitchofNature

Zodiac charm necklace by RubyJamesJewels

Vintage ‘Rise and Shine’ print by PicturePorridge 


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