All about Taurus

Anyone born between April 21st and May 21st is a Taurus…a stubbornly determined bull!  Click here for more information about Taurus, or keep reading for a gift guide of handmade items all specially selected for this zodiac sign.

How do you describe Taurus characteristics? Let the gifts say it all! From printable wall art by ADesignFor to a T-shirt by SassySmack and even a gorgeous makeup bag by MichelewithasingleL

Did you know each zodiac sign has their own bird? Taurus actually has three: the dove, sparrow, and swan.  Swans are stunningly beautiful and the fact that they mate for life has made them a symbol of everlasting love, making a swan charm bracelet a romantic gift for the special Taurus in your life. Click here to read my previous post about swans.

Swan Charm Bracelet-3

The zodiac flowers for Taurus are: rose, poppy, and foxglove. How about a rose-themed paper cutting by colorstorydesigns , or stunningly detailed needle-felted foxgloves in gorgeous shades of purples and blues by tillyteadance? Poppies are one of my favourite flowers and I just love everything MaisyPlum does, so these gorgeous enamelled copper poppies would be top of my wish list.

If you’re looking for a unique zodiac inspired gift for a Taurus lady, why not consider aromatherapy? Each zodiac sign has specific essential oils that are recommended to work in harmony with the characteristics of that sign. Pairing a special blend of essential oils by MysticMomentsUK with handmade oil diffusing jewellery by QuiddityGifts would offer your special Taurus a stylish way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. You could even tweak the jewellery to include a birthstone, gemstone, or favourite colour beads. Click to read more about zodiac aromatherapy for Taurus.

Although Taureans enjoy practical gifts, who wouldn’t love this adorable teddy by KnittedStoryBears? And if you’re a tad better at wielding a crochet hook than I am, you could have a go at making this adorable bull with an instant download pattern available from DioneDesign.

If your stylish Taurus isn’t so keen on bragging about her star sign, treat her to minimal beaded jewellery with her zodiac sign encoded in a secret message spelled out in silver-plated dots and dashes. Morse Code necklaces by QuiddityGifts.

Other handmade gift options include a personalised mug with an adorable illustration of a Taurus bull by Sophie0610Designs, a constellation tote bag by HeartAndWillowPrints, and a trendy notebook by JournalandCo.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Taurus men out there! A quality leather keychain by NairiLeatherFashion or stunning framed copper bull by MyCopperCraft would make great gift ideas.

And, if you’ve left it until the last minute, don’t worry because there are great options that aren’t just gift certificates. Take a peek at these downloadable art prints:

Whatever gift you choose, don’t forget to include a birthday card!


All items featured in this blog were personally selected by me as I think they’re gorgeous – no commission or deals for me if you purchase them, but if you value handmade items, please do take a minute to check out the Etsy shops and support small businesses.

All Quiddity Gifts jewellery can be found at or in my Etsy shop.


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