Happy Pineapple Day!

You’re probably wondering why I’m choosing to write a blog about pineapples…well, apart from them being absolutely delicious and nutritious, pineapples are very trendy at the moment…and June 27th is officially Pineapple Day! So, what better time to celebrate this royal fruit?

Be a Pineapple!.png

I’m not sure who first came up with the the whole “be a pineapple” quote, but it went viral and now there are pineapples in everything from home decor to clothes, toys to jewellery.

The symbolism of the pineapple is also one of hospitality, dating back hundreds of years to when Caribbean peoples displayed pineapples in front of their doors or villages to signify visitors were welcome.

The pineapple also has another claim to fame, it’s the zodiac fruit for the Cancer sign.  According to Sherry L. Granader each sign is linked to fruit that can enhance their life. Click to learn more about Cancer’s zodiac sign.

Be a Pineapple!-2

So, now that you know all about the pineapple, let’s have a look at some of my favourite handmade pineapple-themed gift ideas…and since my birthday is coming up, this is my wish list!

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’m a coffee addict….instant, latte, espresso, iced mocha frappucino, I love it all! So first up is a lovely mug by HeartMyMugs, a personalised option from SpokenGifts (how did they know I love Piña Coladas?!), and a great big one to keep me going from GivingGlitterCo.

Some girls like shoes, others like bags.  To be honest, I like both! But top of my pineapple list is this gorgeous personalised cosmetic bag by TheCreativeBagCo and since I grew up in the ’80s, I love a bit of neon, so this shopper by BridieGraceShop is just fab! And how cute is this coin purse by GoodChic?

My shop QuiddityGifts is full of lots of pretty jewellery from hand-carved clay to custom Morse Code necklaces…but I’m all out of pineapples at the moment, so I’d like to share these cute stud earrings on a personalised card by BellaBooPrints and a beautiful little dish to store them in so they don’t get lost by LucyRogersDesign

Is anyone else running out of walls?! There are so many lovely things to hang on them that I need more space! I love this print by IKnowimPerfectPrints and they even have a downloadable option…just in case you’ve left it until the very last minute to buy your pressie…how clever is that? ChauArtPapercut has a lovely pineapple cutout card that should definitely be popped in a frame instead of being thrown out (tell me I’m not the only one who ends up keeping all their birthday cards?!) And, depending on your budget, LittleStitchOfNature and YellowTulipCrafts both have stunning embroidery to adorn your walls.

Nothing says a birthday treat like a little pampering so I’m dying to try this giant bath bomb by BubblyBadger – it’s vegan and 10% is donated to a pig rescued from slaughter. Another vegan offering is this lush sounding lip balm from BahariBlossom

It’s almost July and when the sun pops out, nothing gets me in the summer mood better than a Piña Colada (did I mention I really really like them!?)  Here’s an amazing looking candle from FizzySmelts and another gorgeous pressie from SpokenGifts, this time a personalised cosmetics bag with the perfect motivational message!

And after all the pampering and Piña Coladas, if you’re still stressed out, what you need is…a pineapple stress ball by mymookie!


Have a Happy Pineapple Day!


All items featured in this blog were personally selected by me as I think they’re gorgeous – no commission or deals for me if you purchase them, but if you value handmade items, please do take a minute to check out the Etsy shops and support small businesses.

All Quiddity Gifts jewellery can be found at www.QuiddityGifts.co.uk or in my Etsy shop.


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