Photography Dreams!

I’ve been rather quiet on social media for the past few months (sorry!) and it’s mainly due to how awful my photography skills are (they’re on par with those of a potato!).  So, one of my goals for 2018 is to spruce up my photos.  Now, I know people say the camera doesn’t matter….but, I’ve got a pretty new camera to play with! Yay!  But, that means I need lots of pretty camera accessories and camera themed goodies, so I’ve scoured Etsy for some of my favourites:

I’ve never had a ‘proper’ camera before, so a lens cap holder is a definite must to stop me from losing it!  SassyStrap and Abokika have some lovely options available:

And I have to have a camera strap because, let’s face it, the one that comes with the camera is always horribly ugly!  I love scarves (even in the summer) and this stylish scarf camera strap by WrappedDesigns even comes with a hidden zip pocket for your phone or lens or wallet – how perfect is that?  TheWatermelonDesign has a strap with dachshunds on – just take a peek at my logo to see how much I love daxies!  PaisleyMaizie has a gorgeous travel-themed strap for sale and it’s got a mini pocket for my lens cap.  But for a truly special gift, SoGoodSoWood offers leather straps in a rainbow of colours with loads of personalised options, including gorgeous gold monograms – I’m in love with their dark purple called ‘Sangria’!

I’ve looked at a lot of camera bags (a lot) and nothing compares to how selection of gorgeous fabric patterns offered by JanineKingDesigns from New York.  I can’t speak for the quality, but they look roomy enough for quite a bit of kit and they’re padded to protect precious lenses and they’ve got added pockets for other bits and bobs.  Definitely on my Christmas list for 2018 (yes, I realise it’s only January now!)  I’ve narrowed it down to my two favourites: monochrome or bright and colourful.  Which do you prefer?

I may already have the camera, but I’ll still need a long time to save up for all the extra goodies to go with it, so I might need this totally awesome money box by FotoCrazyNW


Feeling inspired to pursue your own photography dreams?  Need a little cheering up or positive motivation to make the most of 2018?  This dainty necklace features a vintage camera charm and comes with an inspirational quote for the perfect gift…or treat for yourself!

motivational camera charm necklace

Motivational necklace by

Quiddity Gifts jewellery can be found at or in my Etsy shop.

Want to follow my adventure into the world of photography?  Take a peek at my new blog all about pursuing happiness and being a happier healthier you.

Happy 2018!



All items featured in this blog were personally selected by me as I think they’re gorgeous – no commission or deals for me if you purchase them, but if you value handmade items, please do take a minute to check out the Etsy shops and support small businesses.  All product photos were taken from individual stores and have not been edited in any way.  Many items are one-of-a-kind or limited numbers and may not be available for long, so if you see something you like…pop it in your basket.  Happy shopping!



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