Camera Creatives!

I’ve had my camera for a whole two weeks and I’m officially obsessed!

My last post was all about how excited I am about my New Year’s resolution to improve my photography skills…and all the fun accessories that I just have to have.  But while I was browsing the virtual shelves of Etsy, I came across so many fun camera-themed gifts that I just had to share them with all of you.  (If any of my lovely friends or family are reading this, you know what’s on my birthday list!)

First of all, I confess – I am a mug addict.  I’ve got a mug for tea, one for green tea, one for coffee….well, you get the idea.  So, when I saw these mugs with great camera puns I fell in love with all of them!  Which is your favourite?


Mugs are available on Etsy and featured photos are from: Ganikbrace, artRuss, TheCoffeeCorner, ThePerfectPresentsCo, MikaMugs, TeerrificApparel.

Until my photos get good enough to print (this may be quite a while yet!), I need to decorate my walls.  All three of these prints are very different, but I think they’re all fab.  And digital downloads make a great gift idea if you’ve left it until the last minute!


To purchase camera-themed art, visit: MoonlakeStudio, differentposters, RainbowCanary

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’m the owner of QuiddityGifts, which is all about jewellery…so it’s very ‘girly’.  I’ve loved looking at all the photography gifts as they’re perfect for men or women, like this t-shirt by FirstChoiceApparel, keychain by GlassCharmed, or notebooks by etmamu and WoodGiftStore (yes, theirs actually features a wooden cover!).  Hmmm…now I just need more friends who are interested in cameras, or I’ll end up buying pressies for me, myself, and I!


If you didn’t ready my last post, you might have missed the motivational camera necklace that’s so popular it’s almost sold out!

Motivational vintage camera necklace

Do you have a favourite camera-themed gift idea for a photography nut?  Share it in the comments below!

Happy Shooting!




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