Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun but there’s still time to find the perfect pressie for your someone special.  Why not take a peek at some of the unique handcrafted items available from small independent sellers and creative entrepreneurs?  Personalised gifts are always extra special, so this year choose a meaningful gift that symbolises how much your partner means to you.

High street shops are full of mass-produced hearts, but I’ve found some lovely handmade Valentine’s Day gift ideas from creative artists.


Penguins are one of the few animals that mate for life, so they make the perfect pressie for your one and only!  Tell your soulmate that they’re your penguin and make them smile with a cute gift!

Featured: Penguin pebble,  Personalised quote, Greeting CardHeart-shaped rock, Stamped keychain, Charm necklace

Jewellery Gift Ideas

Every girl loves jewellery and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to surprise her with a special piece of jewellery she can treasure.  Here are the top jewellery gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Morse Code Necklaces personalised with your choice of secret message is the  perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day.  Prices start at only £12! Click here to order yours today.
  2. Hearts are the symbol of this romantic holiday and this handmade clay pendant is the perfect example of shabby chic meets classic style.  Textured with vintage lace, each one is truly one-of-a-kind.  Limited quantities available so order soon!
  3. Filigree heart earrings add a boho vibe to any outfit. Click to order on Etsy. 
  4. Whether she makes your pulse race or your heart skip a beat, this heartbeat necklace is bang on trend for 2018 and she’ll love wearing it alone or as a layering necklace.  It even comes with a matching handmade card! Take a peek here.
  5. Memory Elephant earrings with a choice of 4 different motivational messages to remind your special someone how much they mean to you.


A lovely heart-themed piece of art to hang on the wall can make a lovely gift for him or her…and also makes lovely wedding or anniversary gifts.

Featured: Twine heart, Guitar string heart, Fused glass heart, Mixed media heart


If you’re thinking of gifting the classic combo of roses, chocolates, and perfume, why not add a diffusing locket?  Diffuser lockets can be used with essential oils or liquid perfume, and come with a variety of romantic heart patterns laser cut into the face of each stainless steel pendant.  There’s even a selection of pressed cotton pads in lots of pretty colours to match any outfit:

aromatherapy locketessential oil diffuser necklaces

Shop the collection of aromatherapy jewellery 

The all-important CARD

Instead of leaving it until the last minute and running to the corner shop on February 13th to end up with yet another generic card, this year treat your partner to a handmade card that truly captures your feelings…or a funny one for the humorous couple.

Personalised portrait card, I still love you card, No Refunds humorous card, Lightbulb necklace and personalised card, Funny card, Personalised 1st Valentine’s Day card


“But I can’t find anything they’d like!”   “They’re not into all this mushy stuff!”

No problem…how about a personalised quirky zombie themed keychain:

zombie keychain

Personalised zombie keychain

Whether you’re buying a treat for yourself or for someone else, here’s hoping you have a wonderful February!



Items featured in this blog were personally selected by me as I think they’re gorgeous – no commission or deals for me if you purchase them, but if you value handmade items, please do take a minute to check out the Etsy shops and support small businesses.  All product photos were taken from individual stores and have not been edited in any way.  Many items are one-of-a-kind or limited numbers and may not be available for long, so if you see something you like…pop it in your basket.  Happy shopping!

Interested in more Romantic Jewellery by Quiddity Gifts?  Take a peek at the online store.


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