2018: Year of the Dog: Gift guide

China seems to have the longest New Year celebrations, with preparations for the 2018 event having started a couple of weeks ago on February 8th and the actual end of the Spring Festival not until March 2nd.  With thousands, if not millions, of people travelling huge distances across the vast country to be reunited with their loved ones, I’m sure it’s a hectic time of the year…but it’s still on my bucket list!

Asian New Year is based on the lunar calendar, so it’s never on exactly the same day, like Western New Year’s Eve, but usually falls in January or February.  Click here to learn more about Chinese New Year.

2018 is The Year of the Dog.  I always thought this meant it was a lucky year for those born under this sign, but it’s apparently the complete opposite!  When “your” year rolls around, that’s called your ben ming nian and is a very unlucky time for you.  I’m a pig, so my unlucky year is 2019 – eeek! Not sure if your Chinese zodiac sign is a dog?  Click here to find out what animal you are.

2018: Year of the Dog, Chinese new year gifts

The Chinese celebrate by exchanging good luck gifts of money, presented in traditional red envelopes, like these by EmpoweringProductsCo, ZakkaShoppe, and DarlingSuppliesShop.

I thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate the Year of the Dog with doggie-themed jewellery and handmade gift ideas, so I’ve chosen my favourites from the many talented crafters and entrepreneurs on Etsy.


Katya, a fellow Canuck based in Toronto, has an Etsy shop called UkranianEasterEggs and she makes some stunningly intricate traditional patterns.  I love them all, but these two dog ones would be perfect gifts to celebrate the Year of the Dog. Which is your favourite: the purple or the red?

Looking for something slightly less breakable?  How about a needle felted dog, like this one by Lina of Vilnone in Lithuania?  I always love a cute dachshund and Svetla of SecondChildhoodToys in Bulgaria has a cute knitted dog for sale, while Petya of DPDdolls has a sewn denim dachshund.  They would all make lovely gifts for those born under the dog zodiac sign.

I’m a fan of artwork – I really need more walls! – and this customised Chinse zodiac piece is perfect for anyone.  Davina from MiniInkFingerPrints in Australia will customise your print with a first name, last name, and date.  Don’t worry, she also offers a digital version for you to print out yourself…perfect for last minute gift ideas.


Still haven’t seen the perfect gift for your special ‘dog’ sign? How about a snazzy T-shirt by LiftHerUpApparelCo, a classic mug by WildRiverTradingShop, or a cushion by BirthyPeopleInc.  Like the design on the cushion? You can get it on loads of other things as well, from sweatshirts to shopping bags, all available in their Etsy shop.

My miniature dachshund celebrated her 13th birthday on Valentine’s Day and got spoilt, but since it’s the Year of the Dog, I’m sure she’ll be getting spoilt all year long!  She would look lovely in this Chinese-themed bandana by WoofsAndWagsCo.  It’s in a gorgeous shade of purple that’s right on trend for 2018 and matches the QuiddityGifts‘ logo!  And, I think her mummy (aka: me!) deserves a little treat too.  this wine glass by WineandShineShop has me written all over it.

And the award for the absolute cutest Chinese-themed item has to be these adorable fortune cookie baby booties by SushiBooties, based in Oregon, USA.  You even get to choose the fortune messages you’d like sewn on…and they come packaged in a ‘take away’ box!


Don’t forget to include a card with your pressie…I always do…oops!  I love the brushwork and traditional style of the card by RICEandINK and TheLittleLionPress has an instant download option of their Chinese New Year card.  For all the dachshund lovers out there, PickleDogDesign has a gorgeous card that is perfect for celebrating the Year of he Dog, but can also be personalised with a custom message, making in great for any celebration throughout the year.

Whether you’re choosing to celebrate Chinese New Year by going to temple or ordering your favourite yummy treat from the local Chinese take-away, I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

Xin nian kuai le !




Items featured in this blog were personally selected by me as I think they’re gorgeous – no commission or deals for me if you purchase them, but if you value handmade items, please do take a minute to check out the Etsy shops and support small businesses.  All product photos were taken from individual stores and have not been edited in any way.  Many items are one-of-a-kind or limited numbers and may not be available for long, so if you see something you like…pop it in your basket.  Happy shopping!

Interested in more Jewellery by Quiddity Gifts?  Take a peek at the online store.



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