Handmade Jewellery

With trends in jewellery changing so quickly, the one thing that seems to remain constant is the desire to seek out unique pieces…and buying handmade is definitely the way to get that “wow, where did you get that necklace from?” reaction from your friends and family.

But what exactly is handmade jewellery?

Let me start off by saying that my definition of handmade jewellery does not include mass-produced items of 100+ identical necklaces, all made with the same charms bought buy the boxful, and requiring minimal effort and skill to assemble.  If you think you’re getting a truly handmade pair of earrings for a bargain then, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not really a handmade pair of earrings.

This gorgeous pendant started off as a lump of paper clay.  After conditioning and shaping the clay, it is then stamped to create texture.  It takes 24-48hrs to dry, but I’ve got to pierce the holes half-way through the process, so I’ve got to keep an eye on them.  Once fully dried, I can start sanding…and sanding…and sanding!  (I’m a stickler for detail.)  Three separate coats of varnish ensure the clay is now weatherproofed. Finally I’ve got a piece that I can make into a pendant!  Here comes the fun part of hammering silver-plated copper wire to harden it and give it that lovely textured look, then “sewing” the pendant onto it with a fine gauge copper wire.  Can you believe no glue is used at all?!

Quite a bit more to jewellery making than just opening a box of charms and stringing them onto a bit of leather.

So, how much would you pay for a piece of real handmade jewellery?

I think all my pieces are incredibly affordable…not just for gifts, but for little treats for yourself as well.  So, head over to my shop and check out what’s available at the moment.