I stumbled across paperclay quite by accident and haven’t looked back!

Honestly, why would I?

It’s eco-friendly due to the recycled cellulose it contains (thats recycled paper to you and me!) and it’s biodegradable, so no more plastic junk being added to ever-growing landfills.

It’s self-hardening or ‘air-dry’, meaning I’m not trying to squeeze a kiln into my already overcrowded workspace.

And on top of all that, the finished items are lightweight.  That’s right – your stunning statement earrings won’t have your ears screaming in pain halfway through brunch with the girls or a nerve-wracking first date.

Handmade jewellery is completely one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and makes the perfect gift.  This is especially true for the first anniversary, which is usually represented by paper….boring!  But surprising someone with a piece of handmade paperclay jewellery is a surefire way to be in her good-books for years to come!

New clay jewellery items are listed in my shop weekly, or you can find me at a craft fair to see loads of other items.

Here’s a peek at some of the clay collections available in 2017:

Doesn’t decoupage clay look fantastic?  Click here to see what’s currently available for sale.


The Leaf collection features different tones for each of the seasons.  Spring is featured below, with each of the leaves hand-painted with a slight silver sheen.  There are also brighter ‘summer’ leaves in ‘Greenery’ – the Pantone colour of 2017, and limited edition metallic bronze which is right on trend at the moment.


Hearts are very popular at craft fairs, so come along early to choose your favourite!


These clay pièces don’t hang around for long!  Each one is individually stamped for texture then “sewn” onto a hammered frame using very fine tarnish-resistant copper wire.  Custom orders taken if you would like a specific size or shape, just contact me to find out more.