September’s birthstone: Sapphire

september birthstone poem

Where did the idea of birthstones come from?

Well, all cultures in all parts of the world have the concept of certain stones possessing properties that meet the needs of different personalities.  In Western culture, it was in the Middle Ages that people thought stones and crystals could be used for medicinal ways.  (More about this here)  It was thought that stones possessed properties connected to the cycles of the zodiac and their powers were heightened during a specific month of the Gregorian calendar. So, the concept of a ‘birthstone’ came about as you were given the stone of the month in which you were born as a gift from family members.  Some wealthy people owned all 12 stones and switched their jewellery to correspond to the most powerful stone!

The traditional birthstone for the month of September is the Sapphire.
Sapphires symbolise wisdom & power and are commonly used in royal jewellery. They also signify truth, faithfulness & sincerity.

Fun Fact: In olden times, warriors would gift their wives a sapphire wedding necklace to ensure fidelity while they were away.

Don’t get excited…. Quiddity Gifts hasn’t started dabbling with Sapphires, but there are some lovely zodiac necklaces available in my Etsy Shop (link in bio) with stunning blue glass beads – the gorgeous Sapphire blue for a fraction of the price.

Not a fan of blue? No worries, each zodiac sign has more than one birthstone associated to it. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to find out more!




3 thoughts on “September’s birthstone: Sapphire

  1. tarun says:

    Natural blue sapphire or neelam gemstone is the gem of Lord Saturn / Shani. It is a favorable gemstone for makar lagna and kumbh lagna individuals. In other words, blue sapphire is a favorable gemstone for individuals with Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant. Blue sapphire assumes special importance for the Vrishabh lagna individual, as Saturn in this case rules the 9th trine house of fate and fortune as well as the 10th quadrant house of profession and karma.


    • Anisa says:

      Thank you Rashi 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for it. It is one of a series of 12 poems called the Gregorian Birthstone Poems by an unknown author (or authors). They were first published in 1870 as part of an advertising campaign by Tiffany and Co. Glad you like it and keep following my blog or my instagram account (@QuiddityGifts) as I will publish one each month 🙂


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